What is Globe Trotter BI ?


A network of Business Intelligence professionals wishing to work worldwide or to hire international consultants for their projects.

Therefore, Globe Trotter BI is both for BI consultants and businesses.

You can also join the Globe Trotter BI network while remaining in your home country to benefit from events close to you, extend your network or answer to a job offer.


Why should I become a Globe Trotter BI ?


Becoming a globe trotter BI leads to boosting your career. You will challenge yourself in a different cultural universe, experiment other work methodologys with a great variety of missions, export BI know-how overseas,, become perfectly bilingual, enjoy high salarys and high quality of life.

Wanderlust is trendy : today, 40% of students in engineerig want to start their career abroad. Professional mobility is growing more everyday. A new generation of globe-workers is being born, who know it can build strategic skills and live a unique experience for a few missions or a long-term expatriation.

How can I become a member ?


Becoming a Globe Trotter BI member is free and does not commit you in any way.

You can suscribe byclicking here and enjoy the benefits granted to our members such as : 

  • Invitation to the events (parties, exhibitions, trainings, etc...)

  • Job offers and missions

  • Customized consulting services for your career

If you are a business owner or a company representative: let’s meet to evaluate and talk about your needs. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]